Is your business web-sharp?

In today's marketplace is it crucial to keep your business lean and to cut unnecessary overheads. This is even more true for start-ups and young businesses that have not yet established a steady revenue stream.

This site is intended to help you find excellent quality products and services at low or zero cost. All entries are divided up in to relevant sections and listed in the left hand navigation throughout the site.

Do you know of an ideal business to list here?

Maybe it's your own? Either way, please tell us. Ideally we are looking for companies that offer extremely good value for money, are inexpensive and have some testimonials we can publish. If they offer a discount for users of this site, so much the better.

Skills for equity

Maybe you do not have sufficient funds to get an idea off the ground. Rather than pay for services outright, some companies and individuals will accept part or full payment as equity in your business, which can be a great way to get up and running with minimal cost. Please note that, if you go down this route, you are effectively asking another business or individual to invest in you, so you should be prepared to go through a due diligence process. Further details are in our advice section.

Skills Swap - helping each other through co-operation

Another great way to limit outgoing expenditure is to 'swap' your skills with other people. You may, for example, be an accountant who needs some web design work done, and would be willing to 'trade' your skills with a web designer in a complimentary position.